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June, 2012 - present


ITS Research and Development Specialist
Information Technology Services, The Florida State University

  • Coordinator of Technology Research and Development for the University.

  • Manager of Enterprise Software Management and Licensing for the University.

  • Coordinator of University IT Managers and IT Professionals.


August, 2012 - December, 2012


Adjunct Instructor
School of Library and Information Studies, The Florida State University

  • Instructor of senior-level course:
    LIS4930-03: Data Center Management
  • Developed course material and conducted lectures on data center operations


January, 2001- June, 2012


Network Administrator
College of Communication and Information, The Florida State University

  • Network and Facilities Manager for the College.
  • Advise Dean, Associate Deans and School Directors on network technology architecture, including enhancements.
  • Manage information technology budget.
  • Supervise team of support personnel.
  • Serve as chief liaison between the College and the University's technology groups.
  • Architect and manager for the College's presence on the FSU domain.
  • Coordinates and oversees building maintenance and safety regulation compliance.
  • Coordinates and oversees property management activities.
  • Chair (2010-2012), University Information Technology Managers (“UITM”) sub-committee, and UITM representative to the Information Technology Governance Council for The Florida State University.

Technology Specialist/Coordinator of Computer Applications
College of Communication, The Florida State University

  • Director of Information Technology for the College.
  • Advised Dean, Associate Deans and Department Chairs on information technology architecture, including enhancements.
  • Managed information technology budget.
  • Supervised team of support personnel.
  • Served as chief liaison between the College and the University's technology groups.
  • Architect and manager for the College's domain, the first academic business unit within the University to join FSU's Windows2000 Active Directory forest.
  • Architect and manager for the College's Internet presence.
  • Managed vendors on information technology consulting and services.
  • Developed and maintained documentation on system architecture and utilization, including end-user manuals.

April, 1998 - January, 2001

  Systems Project Administrator
Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation
  • Microsoft Exchange Administrator for the Department

  • Developed project plan for the implementation of new messaging system, including migration strategy, protocols and standards, and best practices.

  • Established individual and group accounts for both Exchange and the Department's new Windows NT network.

  • Developed end-user documentation and provide initial training on Microsoft Outlook 2000.
    Systems Project Administrator

  • Process Manager and Customer Service Representative with the Customer Service Unit (CSU), Bureau of Information Technology (founding member).

  • Provided management consulting services and assistance to offices and divisions within the Department in order to improve management capabilities and operational procedures.

  • Served as liaison for the Bureau to:
    • The Office of the Secretary

    • The Office of the General Counsel

    • The Division of Administration

    • The Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering

    • The Division of Regulation

    • The Division of Technology & Licensure/Revenue
    • The Florida State Boxing Commission

  • Led joint application development (JAD) sessions.

  • Provided assistance to Department senior management and their staffs to promote the most efficient and effective accomplishment of their operating objectives.

  • Analyzed business processes and assist in the engineering or re-engineering of those processes.

  • Oversaw the activities of contract vendors who provide consulting and engineering services to assigned offices and divisions.

  • Collected, evaluated and analyzed data to develop alternative recommendations, solve problems, document work flow and other activities relating to the improvement of management practices.

  • Provided quality control of the technical support and services supplied by the Bureau to assigned offices and divisions.

  • Chair (1999), Department Communications Task Force, creating the first corporate brochure for the agency.
    Systems Project Administrator

  • Administrator of the Technology Support Center (TSC), Bureau of Information Technology.

  • Supervised the staff and activities of the TSC.
  • Information Systems Development Methodology (ISDM) Process Manager for the Agency.
  • Led joint application development (JAD) sessions detailing the business processes of the TSC and the Bureau of Technology.

  • Provided written documentation of business processes and work flow in anticipation of re-engineering projects.

  • Managed the re-engineering efforts leading to the streamlining and automation of TSC and Bureau of Technology business processes.

  • Oversaw the activities of contract vendors providing re-engineering services and hardware maintenance.

  • Designed the logo for the Bureau of Information Technology.

March, 1997 - April, 1998

  Systems Project Administrator
Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation
  • Administrator of the Testing Systems Support Unit (TSSU), Bureau of Testing.

  • Supervised the staff and activities of the TSSU, including the scanning and scoring of professional licensure examinations administered by the Bureau of Testing.

  • Managed and administered the Bureau of Testing confidential Banyan VINES file-server.
  • Oversaw the security of the confidential (examination development) data.
  • Maintained and updated security procedures and protocols.

  • Served as the Bureau of Testing's primary Technical Coordinator, supervising the activities of the Bureau's assistant Technical Coordinators.

August, 1983 - March, 1997

Florida Department of Financial Services

  Distributed Computer Systems Specialist
Florida Insurance Commissioner, Receiver
  • Managed and administered the Receiver's Banyan VINES file-servers.

  • Analyzed the Receiver's business processes and information technology (IT) systems and advised management on upgrades, improvements and re-engineering.

  • Oversaw IT security, including anti-virus procedures and integrity of data.

  • Maintained computerized inventory of IT equipment.

  • Developed and documented standardized setup for Receiver's personal computers on the network.

  • Chair, Information Resource Management Advisory Group, (1995-1997)
    Florida Department of Insurance
    (now the
    Florida Department of Financial Services) .
Field Representative III
  • Supervised the staff of the Agents' Balances unit of the Contingent Asset Recovery Section.

  • Designed and implemented IT system on local area network to recover assets due insolvent insurance companies.

  • Analyzed the Receiver's business processes to develop first receivership timeline.

  • Prepared and presented reports to the Court as an expert witness on recovery activities.

  • Acted as a liaison for the Receiver to outside counsel in litigation and settlement proceedings.
Administrative Assistant II
  • Served as Staff Assistant to the Assistant Division Director.

  • Member of the team which designed and implemented the first local area network in Florida's state government (1985).

March, 1982 - August, 1983

Florida Department of Financial Services

  Administrative Assistant II
Office of the Florida Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner
  • Served as Administrative Assistant to Florida's Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner and Fire Marshal.

  • Coordinated and prepared the Commissioner's travel schedule.

January, 1980 - March, 1982

  Sales Manager
Gencom, Inc./Peacock Radiotelephone Company
  • Managed sales and administrative staff for radio common carrier in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, serving over 20,000 customers in a three county area.

June, 1978 - January, 1980

  Sales Associate
Sunworld Associates, Inc.
  • General real estate sales

November, 1976 - June, 1978

Pioneer Savings Bank

  Sales Associate
CFS Service Corporation
  • General real estate sales for Clearwater Federal Savings and Loan Association (merged with Park Federal of Winter Park in 1982 to form Pioneer Savings Bank)


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